March update

I had pledged to keep my finances simple from March. So here is the update: March salary had my final tax deduction because of which my net salary was less than it always is. Also I have got an increment effective January, so I am getting my arrears along with the new salary in April. … Continue reading March update


Keeping it real…….simple

Being a personal finance nerd-cum-blogger, one tends to over think, over analyze and over complicate even the simplest financial transactions. I do it all the time. My personal finance tracker google-sheet have multiple tabs with charts, graphs, historical data, future calculations and what not. I love that sheet and use it for my bigger financial … Continue reading Keeping it real…….simple

Educated, Indian and Millennial: My three greatest privileges

"Privilege" is a hot topic these days. And for some time now I have been reading enough of it on social media, which got me thinking of my own station in larger scheme of things. While drafting my "About" page, I wrote how financially disadvantaged I grew up - as a brown woman of a … Continue reading Educated, Indian and Millennial: My three greatest privileges